Rob Clarke

For the past couple of years I've been attending erotic drawing classes here in NYC. Sometimes, while I'm drawing beautiful guys in depraved poses like the two above, I have flashbacks to an afternoon in high school biology class 30 years ago when my teacher, Mr. Schofield, took a wild tangent into aesthetics to state authoritatively that it was unnatural for anyone to want to look at a picture of a naked man's ass. I think one of the primary motivations for me making art has been to say, "Fuck You Schofield."

Click here to go an album of the results from these life drawing sessions that are available for sale. All the drawings are 9" x 12", $50 plus $15 shipping and handling.
Takei Back the Night
I donated this Star Trek-themed illustration I did a number of years back to "Takei Back the Night", a Geek Party & Fund Raiser in honor of the great George Takei's 75th Birthday. Admittedly my non-Sulu themed image was a bit of a stretch but I'm happy to have been included because there were lots of cute young geeks in attendance.

I'm tickled pink to have work featured in the "Queer Art Issue" of this cool zine from Los Angeles. I'm among good company with Tom of Finand, Michael Kirwin, Xavier Gicquel among others. You can order your very own copy here.

It warms my evil little heart that they used one of my older, weirder images. It illustrates a cautionary tale of two foolish fratboys who ditched class when they heard the circus was in town and learned the hard way that there is no such thing as a 'free' cigar.

I was part of a "drawing circle" at this benefit event on March 8. I think I should be commended on my powers of concentration - sketching in a crowded noisy room while making sure no one spilled the drink that I was protecting between my sneakers. The high point of the evening was selling one of my sketches to a sexy guy with obviously discerning taste. The low point was when one of my frenemies pointed out that I use my belly as a portable easel.
Rob Clarke
This wascally wabbit was my contribution to the annual 'Postcards from the Edge' benefit for Visual Aids in NYC in early January. I hope his new owner didn't make hossenfeffer out of him.