Rob Clarke

Being the single parent of a 200lb hairy man-baby is a lot of work - no wonder I neglect updating this website sometimes. I do keep my tumblr blog nice and fresh by posting every day. The thing I like about tumblr is that I spend my energy making images and writing captions as opposed to trying to remember how html works.

You can follow me on twitter at @robclarke99. I've been trying to tweet about exhibitions I like.

Instead of an email list I use a yahoo group to let my exclusive inner circle know when I'm up to something new:

Email me If you'd like to see what I have available for sale. I love finding nice homes for my drawings.

Rob Clarke
Hey dudes, if you're interested in making some easy money, the Punxsutawney Phil gig pays well for just one afternoon of freezing your balls off. The only requirement is that you have to fit into the uniform.
I pay the bills in a less glamorous way by doing computer graphics.
Just a few years ago I was determined to develop my own stylized way of drawing a male face. I wanted future homoerotic art historians to able to see one of my drawings and reckonize it as a "Rob Clarke" . Unfortunately I could never settle on a definitive way to draw a mouth, a pair of eyes or hairdoo. These days I'm making more portrait-like drawings inspired by pics of handsome guys making goofy expressions that I've collected over the years.
I'm happy that my fetishy drawings have been included in Capolavoro: The Best of Erotic Artists. Usually I'm not a fan of coffee table beefcake but I'm in good company with some of my favorite smart homo artists: Benoît Prévot, Steve Player, Oliver Frey, Logan Kowalsky, Michael Kirwan and among others. Go to see more examples and order your very own copy.
For the past three years I've been going to erotic drawing workshops here in NYC. Drawing from life once a week has brought a dose of freshness and spontaneity to my work. Click here if you'd like to see some examples that are available for sale.

My sketches are only $60 bucks each + $15 shipping per order and they are all 12" x 9" so framing is a snap.

Rob Clarke
If I were the Wicked Witch of the West, this is what one of my flying monkeys would look like.
I get requests all the time from guys to "Draw me as a beefy red-headed satyr with big nipples ", or "Turn me and my boyfriend into rutting centaurs " or "Draw me as a merman getting fucked by a giant tentacle" - to recall just a few of the more tasteful examples.
I'm flattered that these boys hold my artistic/magical skills in such high regard, but they don't realize that it's not their decision as to what I turn them into.There's nothing that I delight in more then turning guys who fancy themselves as stallions into pretty little ponies.
That'll do pig. That'll do.

I like to think of my drawings being like illustrations ripped out of some book of fucked-up fairy tales. I leave it you to put the story together because I'm kinda lazy and a better drawer than writer.
Every so often someone emails me a story they've written based on one of my images. So far, my reaction has been, "How in the hell did I inspire that?"